My name is Harmen Piekema, I was born on May 1982 in a small and sleepy village called Koudum in the Netherlands. This places lies in between fields, lakes and a few forests. As a kid, my dad thought me how to use an analogue camera and from that moment I was hooked on photography. With this old camera I was often outside in the field, wandering around. The cool thing was that this old camera was fully manual so I had to learn all the ins and outs of exposure times and aperture settings. Back in those days, I read a lot of books (I still love to read those books or watch landscape photography videos) about this matter, building a solid foundation, this still serves me really well in this digital era. 


Outside is where my heart lies

When I moved to Groningen to study Neuro Psychology, I bought my first dSLR, that changed a lot because now I could photograph more freely without the costs of developing film (which for a student is quite a lot of money). It was still a long time before I started taking a more professional approach to what I was doing. During that time I did a lot of studio and model photography, but when the building our studio was in, was closed down and demolished for apartments, I decided not to get a new studio anymore but solely focus on landscape photography. Outside is where my heart lies and where I feel the best.

Photographing sunset while the tide rushes in at Uttakleiv. Photo taken by Steven Henriksen

Being in nature gives me energy and inspiration

When a landscape is beautiful, and you feel good, the image automatically follows (although you still have to know what you are doing of course). If you can capture that piece of magic, you will get amazing images. Being outside gives me energy and inspiration. It fills me with joy to wander through the countryside, listen to the birds and enjoy the peacefulness. I love hiking through mountains and I love adventure. I have a deep and profound love for the ocean, and I love to travel. 

Enjoying the amazing view at 543 meter on mount Ryten (Lofoten, Arctic Norway). Photo taken by Joke Schaper

I’m always learning and I’ll take you with me on my visual journey! I’ll try to put as much passion in my work as possible and I will show you why it is worth to protect our beautiful planet with everything that lies in our power!

Leave only footprints, take only pictures, kill only time!